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New Look for FeyWardens


Been working on a new look for the FeyWardens series. I’ve kicked the old Amazon create-your-own-cover images to the curb in favor of a clean, unified look that is more representative of the stories. I’ve also added sub-titles that describe what you’ll find inside. No more “Ew! Het!” reactions. The manuscripts are also getting new minor edits, knocking out clumsy phrases, cleaning up punctuation, and that sort of thing.  Plus there’s a new FeyWarden story finished and almost ready to go, “To Claim a Sylph”, a sensual story of seduction! 


But while that’s very excited, it’s really “In Thirteen Steps” that has me doing the happy dance! I promised it months ago, but work kicked my behind and I lost my way. With my draining day job out of my way, I’ve finally returned to the editing process, compiling the revisions that my editor suggested. It’s so difficult to be patient! I want so much to share it but at the same time I know that taking the time now will result in the best possible work for my readers. Every little thing I change and fix makes a better book, and in the end, a better experience for my readers. 



Feeling UnSeelie



My latest short story, “Feeling UnSeelie”, is now available through Amazon!
This one I blame on Facebook and the comment of a fellow erotica author mentioning that they needed to figure out what underwear their characters were wearing.

What underwear WERE they wearing? I wasn’t even sure that they HAD underwear in the FeyWarden universe! Prince Tibon, the Stone Elf, I mused, must wear something under that tunic. He’s THAT kind of Elf, after all. Ah, but he’s just had an adventure, playing with Peiko and Bronwen. What sort of trouble could he get into now?

It turns out that my darling Stone Prince just had to trespass on lands under the guardianship of a Kobold, who takes him captive. Like most Kobold, this one doesn’t like to be seen. How does one convince a captor to let you go when you can’t even see their face? Somehow, our Prince manages it, and we get a glimpse of his undergarments in the process.

Fun write, fun read, but alas, now it is time to return to the mad mad world of Turing Station. I can’t wait to bring In Thirteen Steps to light and share it with everyone, but editing is sooooo dreary! If I didn’t have the FeyWarden project on the side, I fear I’d go stark raving run around in the rain naked eating a Nestle Ice Cream Sandwich singing “I Got You, Babe”.

Or I’d sit and cry. Not sure which.



“Peiko’s Secret”


“Peiko’s Secret”peiko is now available through Amazon! 

My second short story published in the FeyWarden series, this is an erotic little tale of what happens when a FeyWarden, a Stone-Elf and, oops, a Forest Sprite, get mixed up in a powerful ancient spellstone that just happens to be an aphrodisiac.

Honestly, I wrote it just for fun. I’ve been neck-deep in edits to “Thirteen Steps” and, frankly, I needed a little break, which the Fey folk never fail to provide for me. So, if you read it and like it, let me know. I’m happy to write more hot fluffy erotica for anyone who wants to read it! I also have a very bad (good?) feeling that this sprite isn’t done with me yet.

Peiko is my first character that was inspired by an image I spotted online. I was looking for artwork for an actual work project, of all things, when I came across a picture of a young woman with leaves and twigs in her hair, beaming into the camera lens like a wild creature. She, I thought, is not of this world. She snuck here when no one was looking, and the FeyWardens either didn’t see her or didn’t care to stop her. And the beautiful mischievous Peiko was born.

The FeyWardens

dark2 “Cost of Failure” 

The first short story regarding the FeyWardens will soon be available for purchase and download on Kindle. The next should be available in two weeks.

It’s been a very long strange voyage for the FeyWardens since I first toyed with the idea. They started as a very different concept, but as I played, teased and fondled them, they become something more. They were no longer these playful lascivious elvish sorts, but had become something a little darker, a little more, dare I say, human.

Anyway, it seems pricey to charge 2.99 for a short story, so I hope you get your money’s worth out of it (and yes, orgasms count as compensation). If you don’t, please let me know, so I can do better in the future!

Welcome to Celestial Erotic


What is Celestial Erotic? It’s a voyage through imagined worlds and realms and dimensions where anything can happen, and, if  I have time and opportunity to write it, almost anything does. While currently Celestial Erotic is focused on my writing, in the future, I can see it providing support for other authors of science fiction and fantasy based erotica, as well as fanfiction based in the worlds we create.

And who am I? I’m Lizette Lynne, Bay Area writer with a *yawn!* boring day job who must spice up her life when the sun goes down with erotic fantastical tales that take place in secret fairy-worlds, onboard spaceships, in strange places with strange beings that stretch from plain old humans to exotic aliens with special abilities, to powerful fairy kings.

I’ve been writing since I was very young. I started writing erotica in high school due to the rampages of teen hormones with no outlet, making up what I didn’t know. (And, darn it if that wasn’t a bit disappointing when I discovered the real thing!)  My school friends would pass around my stories in secret. We’d read them aloud to each other at slumber parties, giggling and blushing and hiding them under pillows or down our sleeping bags when parents stuck their heads in to tell us “for the last time to go to sleep!”

Now that we’re all adults, and there are no parents to check in on us, I thought maybe it was time to start sharing my storytelling again. I hope you enjoy!

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