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New Look for FeyWardens


Been working on a new look for the FeyWardens series. I’ve kicked the old Amazon create-your-own-cover images to the curb in favor of a clean, unified look that is more representative of the stories. I’ve also added sub-titles that describe what you’ll find inside. No more “Ew! Het!” reactions. The manuscripts are also getting new minor edits, knocking out clumsy phrases, cleaning up punctuation, and that sort of thing.  Plus there’s a new FeyWarden story finished and almost ready to go, “To Claim a Sylph”, a sensual story of seduction! 


But while that’s very excited, it’s really “In Thirteen Steps” that has me doing the happy dance! I promised it months ago, but work kicked my behind and I lost my way. With my draining day job out of my way, I’ve finally returned to the editing process, compiling the revisions that my editor suggested. It’s so difficult to be patient! I want so much to share it but at the same time I know that taking the time now will result in the best possible work for my readers. Every little thing I change and fix makes a better book, and in the end, a better experience for my readers. 



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