Celestial Erotic

Science Fiction Fantasy

Excerpt “Peiko’s Secret”


When Forest Sprite Peiko accidentally interferes with FeyWarden Bronwen and Prince Tibon’s secret mission,
he finds herself tangled up, literally, with an artifact with aphrodisiac powers greater than any of them are prepared for. 


Sprites are often seen as small, delicate, frail things, but they have real strength, real muscular power when they must, and Peiko shoved up with all of her might, pushing Tibon back with her shoulders and shoving Brownen down onto the bench with her free hand. Before they could react, she acted on impulse, not stopping to think as she smoothly straddled Brownen’s chest and unerringly slid the curved tip of the glowing pulsing artifact into her narrow sex.

It ached. It blazed. It felt it would split her in two, and she howled with a wild combination of need and satisfaction. Bronwen’s deep groan echoed in her ear, somewhere between misery and passion. His hand was still locked to the object, pinned between his chest and her dancing sex as she twisted and bobbed, trying to draw it more deeply, but it was too wide. Twisting it in and out, she wetted it with her body’s juices, suffused with desire for it. Beneath her, Bronwen’s hand slickened and slid on the artifact, striking her clit as he struggled to take control of the object.

Tibon’s arms looped under her shoulders, lifting her up and off as she cried out, begging for it back. “Leave off! Let me be! Give it back!”

“I will…” The Stone-Elf’s voice was a grim growl in her ear, “Be still.”

There was no way her body could still. It was quivering, twisting and fighting with each inch that he drew her away from the stone, and from Bronwen’s body.  He pulled her back, rolling her onto the table with a bare minimum of tenderness. Thankfully, it was wood, aged well-worn, well-polished wood, and her body accepted it as an old friend. Her legs fell apart, exposing her utterly to Tibon’s heated black gaze, the color of lava rock, roiled and fractured with heat. Before she could move, he buried his face between her legs.


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