Celestial Erotic

Science Fiction Fantasy

Excerpt: “Cost of Failure”


 The FeyWardens guard the border between the human world and the faery world. They live by their own rules, neither human nor faery.  When young warden Kyosh fails the LordWarden, he must face his punishment. 


          Bronwen’s expression darkened and his voice seemed to bring chill into the warm and comfortable room, “We are not without our own sorcery. How can you be defeated by a human?”

Nia shifted, starting to pull away in fear of his mood, but Bronwen lifted his leg over her head and planted it on the other side of her, trapping her between his powerful legs. His hand tugged her face to his crotch, and she hastily planted soft kisses here and there as his fingers turned her head.

“I don’t know.” Kyosh answered, feeling the cold rush up and down his spine. “I went to her when she was sleeping, I slipped into her dreams, and she knew I was there. I could not touch her. As though she and I were two magnets polarized against each other. I could see the stone about her neck, as clearly as I can see the Forest Star about yours now, but I could not touch it. I could not touch her. In her dream, I asked her to let me see it and she woke instantly.”

Even Nia turned her head to him with wide eyes, astounded, “You’re one of the best dream walkers living, Ky.”

Kyosh feared she would be punished for speaking to him, but Bronwen merely turned her back to her task, which was to plant soft kisses along the inside seams of his pale thin trousers. What did it feel like, to have that gentle pressure bring the soft doeskin against tender flesh? Kyosh banished the stray thought and turned his gaze back to Bronwen’s face.

“She is right,” Bronwen nodded, “If even your light treadings through the slumbering unconscious could wake her, there is something more at work. You will have to take it by force. Kill the guardian if necessary. The stone must be brought here at any cost. It is too dangerous to allow in the human realm, and certainly too dangerous to allow into the Otherworld. It will only be safe here.”

Kill the human guardian.

That had not occurred to Kyosh. Taking a human life. What would that do to his soul? He kept his horrified gaze on the floor, blinking. Finally, he managed to nod, “Yes, my lord.”

“I have not dismissed you.” Bronwen’s voice rang clearly, “You cannot fail me without consequence. This you know.”

He did know. He met Bronwen’s gaze with humble beneficence, “I am yours, my Lord.”

Bronwen nodded faintly, “You are. And so you will come here and kneel…”


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