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Most of the excerpts are clean and tame, but I don’t think I need to tell you that everything here is EROTICA! It is intended for adult, mature audiences.


ThirteenCover1smRead an excerpt from “How to Become A Space Slut in 13 Steps or Less”!
COMING SOON!  When Earth is conquered by a powerful alien race, Vina finds herself stranded on Turing Station. Soon, she finds herself doing things she never even dreamed about. Aliens- strange and wonderful!


blackstonewoman_smRead an excerpt from “Woman of the Black Stone”, part of the FeyWardens series and sequel piece to “Cost of Failure”
In this sequel piece to “Cost of Failure”, Kyosh has been dispatched by WardenLord Bronwen to bring back the Black Stone. At any cost. Zain Thomas, the ancestral keeper of the Stone, senses that he’s coming and draws on her mystical knowledge to keep him away, but she doesn’t realize that Kyosh will do anything to succeed, even give up his own heart. Het, Forced seduction.


kobold_prince_smRead an excerpt from “Kobold & The Prince”, part of the FeyWardens Series.
Stone Elf Prince Tibon is eager to return to his home in the mountains, but when he unwittingly trespasses in the forest, he’s captured by an Unseelie Fey. As the interrogation turns into an erotic adventure, Tibon realizes he’s having a wonderful time. Or would be, if his captor wasn’t entirely invisible! M/M BDSM, oral, anal


peikossecreetsmRead an excerpt from “Peiko’s Secret”, part of the FeyWardens series.

When Forest Sprite Peiko interrupts WardenLord Bronwen and Prince Tibon on a secret mission, she soon finds herself tangled up with an ancient artifact with aphrodisiac powers that none of them anticipate.
Available now through Amazon! Menage! M/F/M Oral/Anal


costoffailure_smRead an excerpt from “Cost of Failure”, part of the FeyWardens series.

Available now through Amazon!
The FeyWardens live by their own rules, neither human nor faerie. When Kyosh fails in his duty, he must face the LordWarden’s creative punishment. Menage, BDSM. M/M, M/F, M/F/M


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