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Piko *the singer


I think I’ve just become a fan of Piko, the subtly asexually incredible Japanese musician.  Dang, he is pretty.  I don’t understand a word he’s singing, but he could sing it all day long, and whether in his upper range or lower, it wouldn’t matter.

Color me stunned though at the number of weird and just plain ignorant comments on his YouTube account. What? If you don’t like the music, fine, say so, but there’s no need to be nasty about it. A guy can’t be pretty with a surprising musical range without being a castrato (and as far as I know that practice died out in the late 1800’s?)  And so what if he’s gay or not? Does it matter? Is it even any of our business?

What is our business is not the personal life of the artist but how the art makes us feel.  And all I know is that when I watch Piko sing “Sakura Ne”, I see something beautiful. I see someone who is not afraid to move into their art, body and soul, a talented singer who emotes so well that even if you don’t know his language, you feel his music.

Anyway, I’m off to write, with new music in my ears!

“Inside the days that are always being engraved 
The memories that I want to keep…”
(animelyrics.com translation)

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