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“Peiko’s Secret”


“Peiko’s Secret”peiko is now available through Amazon! 

My second short story published in the FeyWarden series, this is an erotic little tale of what happens when a FeyWarden, a Stone-Elf and, oops, a Forest Sprite, get mixed up in a powerful ancient spellstone that just happens to be an aphrodisiac.

Honestly, I wrote it just for fun. I’ve been neck-deep in edits to “Thirteen Steps” and, frankly, I needed a little break, which the Fey folk never fail to provide for me. So, if you read it and like it, let me know. I’m happy to write more hot fluffy erotica for anyone who wants to read it! I also have a very bad (good?) feeling that this sprite isn’t done with me yet.

Peiko is my first character that was inspired by an image I spotted online. I was looking for artwork for an actual work project, of all things, when I came across a picture of a young woman with leaves and twigs in her hair, beaming into the camera lens like a wild creature. She, I thought, is not of this world. She snuck here when no one was looking, and the FeyWardens either didn’t see her or didn’t care to stop her. And the beautiful mischievous Peiko was born.


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