Celestial Erotic

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To Claim a Sylph

“To Claim a Sylph”
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15,000 Words
Lord Bronwen promises to protect an innocent young maiden from the ravenous appetites of a black Kobold. The Sylph maiden, Mefail, is terrified of both fates. Can Bronwen persuade her to stay in the light? Even if it means submitting to the claim of the Warden Lord?




BlackStone Woman

“BlackStone Woman”
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6500 Words
The direct sequel piece to “Cost of Failure”. Kyosh is back on his mission to retrieve the Black Stone. The guardian of the stone, Zain Thomas, feels in her gut that something, or someone, is coming for her and she thinks she’s ready. But Kyosh will give anything to avoid failure this time, including his own heart. 



Kobold & The Prince

“Kobold & The Prince”
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6,000 Words
When Stone Elf Prince Tibon unwittingly trespasses in the forest, he’s captured by an Unseelie Fey. As the interrogation turns into an erotic adventure, Tibon realizes he’s having a wonderful time. Or would be, if his captor wasn’t entirely invisible!



Peiko’s Secret

“Peiko’s Secret”
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6,000 Words
Forest Sprite Peiko lives happy days in the forest, doing whatever she pleases, but when she accidentally interferes with FeyWarden Bronwen and Prince Tibon’s secret mission, she finds herself tangled up, literally, with an artifact with aphrodisiac powers greater than even Bronwen is prepared for. But when you have the Lord of the FeyWardens and a Prince of the Stone Elves to play with, is being under the powers of an ancient spell of desire really a bad thing? 


Cost of Failure

“Cost of Failure”
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5,500 Words
The raven-shifter Kyosh is a favorite of the Lord Warden and assigned a special task, but when he fails, he must face the Lord Warden’s creative and lascivious punishment. When the Lord Warden brings the disgraced feylin Nia into the situation, Kyosh enjoys it far more than he thought possible. This short story is perfect for a bathtub read or a bedtime nightcap.

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