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Celestial Erotic is the online home of erotic writer Lizette Lynne.

Lizette has been writing stories since childhood, and got her start in erotica in high school, writing custom-ordered stories for her friends. Unfortunately, since none of them had any actual experience, the stories, whilst titillating, were probably pretty terrible.  A decade of living in the San Francisco area while engaged in the polyamory and kink communities provided not only ample experience, but also helped hone her writing skills.

She first started publishing erotica fanfiction online, working in a number of genres (Let’s just say that Joss Whedon’s characters have been through a lot in her hands.) Fanfiction was a guilty pleasure, allowing her to post anonymously all of the strange fantasies that her old high-school friends would have giggled and blushed mercilessly over. But it wasn’t long before she became bored with playing in other people’s sandboxes. Her own characters and stories wanted out. She credits her fanfiction fans with giving her the confidence to start writing her own stories, leaving the fanfiction (and one very unfortunate elf) behind.

Abandoning her fanfiction realms, she conceived the world of the Fey Wardens, a borderlands between the human world and the Fey realms, while weeding the garden border one day.  The current Fey Warden short stories are actually vignettes of a much longer three-piece saga, which will hopefully be finished and ready to publish later this year.

After Fey Wardens, the next big project on her plate is Ban’s Story, which will return to the universe of “Become a Space Slut in Thirteen Steps” and tell the story of the cast-off robot, who, by the time we meet him in “Thirteen Steps” has become one of the most influential society members of Turing Station.

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